The World Congress of Integrative Medicines is a growing international community of gifted practitioners and researchers in medicine, science, psychology, healing arts, as well as in other, often overlooked, but essential ingredients for personal well-being and planetary health.

GFIM is committed to the education and promotion of a fundamental understanding that the goal of all medicines is to heal. Founder Linda Lancaster, ND, PhD of Santa Fe, NM holds the vision that the integration of all medicines can be a unifying force to promote a stronger foundation for world peace.

2018 Program

  • Morning Meditation, led by Alfredo Sfeir Younis, GFIM Peace Message


  • Subtle Medicine and the Elements of Healing, given by Dr. Linda Lancaster, ND PhD


  • Key Note: Transforming Trauma, given by James Gordon, MD


  • Key Note: Integrative Medicine Today, given by Woodson Merrell, MD


  • Electromagnetic radiation as a driver of chronic infections, given by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD


  • Message for Us and Our Plant, given by Terry Tempest Williams, Author


  • Firing Up Digestion and Detox, given by Ann Louise Gittleman, Author, PhD


  • Evolving From Fear into Love, given by Benjamin F. Asher, MD


  • What can the mouth tell us about health?, given by Martha Cortes, DDS


  • Universal Energy and its Unlimited Potential, given by Martina Goldberg, PhD


  • How to Heal the Heart, given by Radha Gopalan, MD


  • The Potential for Reconciliation between Men and Women, given by Will Keepin, PhD & Cynthiz Brix, MDiv, MA


  • How Modern Day Industrial Practices and Technologies are Impairing Our Chance for Health, given by Zachary Bush, MD


  • Wireless Tech & The Coming 5G Distributed Antennas, given by Prof. Martin Pall, PhD


  • Chemical and Quantum Information Storage in Water, given by Glen Rein, PhD


  • American Institute for Mental Imagery, given by Gerald Epstein, MD


  • Scientific paper: Treating 3rd Nerve Palsy, given by Dr. Amjad Mehmood Ensari


  • Special Panel “Spirituality and Health: What is the Connection?” given by: Karen Jones, Author, Roger LaBorde, Shaman, Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW