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The 2018 World Congress of Integrative Medicines
March 8-9, 2018 @Current, Pier 59 was an incredible Event!

We sincerely thank all of the Congress Speakers, Attendees, Donors, Staff and Volunteers for offering their time, knowledge, and support to help grow the Community and Vision of GFIM.

Videos and Resources from the Congress are in the process of being formatted and uploaded to be made available in the Members Section of our site. Many Videos are already up and available and we will continue to update with more Videos and resources. 

GFIM 2018 NYC Videos


The GFIM Conference Committee have been receiving so much wonderful feedback from the Congress and are discussing the next steps. If you have any additional comments for our consideration, please email.

One major theme from our topics and speakers was the connection to Spirituality and Consciousness in Healing. GFIM is in the planning stages of offering more frequent one day Symposiums in NYC to further elaborate and discuss Consciousness in all aspects of Healing ourselves and our Planet. If this interests you, please let us know!


The World Congress of Integrative Medicines is a growing international community of gifted practitioners and researchers in medicine, science, psychology, healing arts, as well as in other, often overlooked but essential, ingredients for personal well-being and planetary health.

GFIM is committed to the education and promotion of a fundamental understanding that the goal of all medicines is to heal. Founder Linda Lancaster, ND, PhD of Santa Fe, NM holds the vision that the integration of all medicines can be a unifying force to promote a stronger foundation for world peace.


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GFIM promotes the integration of medicine by fostering a diverse international community of practitioners that create, integrate and communicate knowledge across the full spectrum of Medicine for the healing of our global community.

“It is through healing that we unite in peace!”

GFIM has official 501 (c)(3) Status and is accepting tax deductible Donations to help our continuing efforts and planning of future Congresses. The Officers of GFIM are never compensated. Every Donation is appreciated and helps to make our mission a reality. Thank you.

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