2016 – Santa Fe

2016 World Congress: Santa Fe, NM


Full Videos of the 2016 Lectures are now available in the Membership section.

A message from an attendee of the Congress:

“Thank you, GFIM. I’m nearly too overwhelmed to adequately express the impact that the World Congress of Integrative Medicines had on me!

I’ve been to many international spiritual retreats and was moved closer to universal love and expansion of awareness. Truly, I did not expect to be moved so deeply from a conference of scientists, doctors, ecologists, researchers, shamans and activists and a wide range of practitioners. I am changed simply by having been in the company of such luminous minds and hearts!

I am inspired to regenerate my living cells that perchance I may be capable of bringing light to regenerate the beautiful living cells within my vicinity and beyond! Thank you for reminding us all that our own limitations are those which we impose on ourselves.

The honor of spending time with an illumined teacher, Alfredo Sfeir Younis and receiving personal counsel has awakened  my spiritual fervor and charged me with a light and heightened awareness I cannot seem to shake!

Everyone was so kind and willing to help those of us interested in pursuing further work in an area of interest. It was a thrill to have had access to the most cutting edge technology to using simple ancient techniques for renewal of the body and our environment. From developing healthy soil and growing clean food, to using herbs and utilizing advanced technologies to lessen the impacts of man-made toxins including those generated from pesticides and EMF the conference encompassed a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Others shared personal stories of triumph even when confronted with great adversities but fought on for the sake of humanity and all our living creature companions.

How blessed I was to have been in the company of advanced souls committed to assisting in the blessed mother earth’s recovery, starting with self transformation. May we, as beings of light illumine universal light and love to all! The practitioners shone with compassion and an unshakable commitment to relieve suffering and maintain dignity for those in compromised ailing bodies.

Thank you and may your passion and clear vision live on!

This beautiful broken planet needs our help!”


Viola M.


Full Videos of the 2016 Lectures are now available in the Membership section.